CPCKids homes are going to be egged! No, we are not talking REAL eggs. Our CPC family will be egging with Easter eggs! What makes our egging so special? There will be a special empty golden egg in the dozen. It serves as a reminder of Jesus’ empty tomb! He is RISEN! Still don’t quite get it, here are the details…

March 21st – March 27th, a CPC member will be stopping by our CPCKids’ homes (They will try to be sneaky to keep it a surprise for the kids!) to hide 12 eggs in their front yards.  In addition to hunting for eggs, a basket will be left by the front door with a special treat and an “Egging Kit” that the kids can then use to egg a neighbor and spread the joy and hope of Jesus’ resurrection.

Are you a CPCKids Family? Don’t be alarmed when you see a friendly face hiding eggs in your front yard!

Are you a CPC member & want to egg someone on your street? Extra “Egging Kits” are available at the church (P.S. Why not also invite them to one of our Easter Services?)

Are you willing to be part of our CPCKids Egging Team (Deliver & Hide Eggs)? Contact Jill