Dear CPC Family/Saints/Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Lord is at work among us!  Together we’re learning how to become “contagious Christians.”  God’s burning heart for his missing people is grabbing our attention in fresh ways as we think and pray about how we can live out Jesus’ Great Commission.

More is coming!  We’re laying a foundation to launch our new ministry initiative.  In just a few short weeks, we’ll be launching something called the Alpha Series.

One of the best ways you can learn more about our Alpha Series is to explore the link on our church’s website.  There you’ll find a few videos that will give you a flavor for what Alpha is all about.

Essentially, Alpha is a carefully-developed series of interactive sessions in which we will talk about life and our Christian faith.  We’ll do this in an informal and friendly environment.

Here at CPC we’ll launch Alpha on Sunday morning, February 10th.

Let me tell you a little bit about how Alpha will work/run/happen/take place.

All Alpha courses have three parts/components/elements: a meal; a teaching; small group discussion. In our setting, the morning will flow like this:

9:30 ~ A delicious hot breakfast for children, students & adults

10:00 ~ A teaching

10:40 ~ Small group discussion

Students will stay in our worship center while children will have CPCkids Worship after enjoying breakfast.

I can hardly express how excited I am and how expectant I am about how the Lord will use these coming 9 weeks of Alpha in the life of our church AND in the communities and neighborhoods BEYOND our building….because here’s what I’m asking YOU to do:

Not only are you going to be nourished in your own relationship with Jesus Christ.

We’re counting on YOU to pray about and invite people to COME!

I’ll be speaking about this directly this coming Sunday during our worship.

In the meantime, will you begin to pray that God will mightily move as we seek to be faithful in responding to this tremendous opportunity?


Warmly in Christ,