Elizabeth, Jessica & I wanted to thank you for your support of our summer camps this past week! There were over 60 volunteers who served in the name of Jesus Christ. We had middle schoolers, highschoolers, college students, parents, grandparents & individuals who didn’t have any children in the camp serve! Truly amazing and to God be the glory!

Both camps would meet together first thing in the morning to worship and learn our daily bible point. Then our Plant Adventure campers, led by Jen Burch, would go on an adventure of the day which included Splashdown and the Air & Space Museum for a scavenger hunt. On Wednesday our Planet Adventure campers went to Birmingham Green, an assisted living/nursing home in Manassas and sang for the residents and had ice cream with them. Once back, they cooked egg casseroles for the Lamb Center and baked cookies/brownies for the Katherine Hanley House in Fairfax which is a shelter for families but serves primarily mothers and their children.

Our VBS campers would rotate through different stations here at the church. We had fun pretending that we were shipwrecked on a deserted island and needed to be rescued. All week long the children learned through bible story, art, play, and even snack that our ultimate rescuer is Jesus Christ.