As the violence continues in Ukraine, many in our CPC family have asked how to best support and contribute to the growing humanitarian needs. According to UN estimates, over two million people have fled Ukraine, and many more have been displaced within the country. Numerous organizations – non-profits, faith-based, and others – are working overtime to meet the food and housing needs of people fleeing their homes and livelihoods. Their resources are limited and they are being stretched beyond their available budgets.

While we consider ways the Lord is calling us to respond, please join in the global call to prayer. Pray for peace for the country of Ukraine. Our hearts are heavy with the loss and violence. May the Lord place His hand of restoration. Pray for the churches in the region as they stand boldly to respond.

Under the guidance of Ukrainian partners, ECO Synod Executive Dana Allin sent a letter to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, calling and encouraging the church to stand against the government’s military invasion. “If the Russian Orthodox Church will take this stand, it will have a significant impact on changing Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.” You can read the letter HERE.

Our ECO denomination partners with two mission organizations with close relationships in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Both World Renew and the Outreach Partners are receiving donations to support the increased needs in the region.

Response Plan of World Renew:
World Renew will work with peer organizations through our alliance and networks on the ground that will respond to the emergency needs of vulnerable families impacted by this crisis. This includes the distribution of  temporary shelter support, emergency non-food items, and health support in the country and the surrounding  region.

World Renew is currently focusing on three fronts:
1) Providing transport/supplies/food for one of the “transport corridors”
2) In Slovakia, receiving those fleeing, with food/supplies and logistics and housing
3) Resettlement – in Canada currently and hopefully, working in the US soon.

Specific Need: $150,000 for partnering with churches, community centers  and local partners in the neighboring countries, responding to the need for temporary shelter support: They are budgeting 15 EUR per person/per night to host a person  coming across the border. Early rapid reports show that 98% of people that have initially fled have  contacts across Europe, but they are preparing to support the long-term need as the response/need  changes.

  • Emergency Non-Food Items Support: We are also working on sending a container of non-food  items to support refugees in the neighboring borders. This includes blankets, linens, mattresses, and  basic sanitary/hygiene items.
  • Emergency Food Assistance: They are budgeting 10 EUR per person per day to support 3000  refugees for 14 days at refugee reception centers.

If you would like to learn more and support the efforts of World Renew, you can read more on their website.

Response Plan of The Outreach Foundation:
“As we watch the war news coming out of Eastern Europe, we invite you to join The Outreach Foundation in prayer for anyone in harm’s way: those who are fighting against the invasion of their sovereign nation as well as those who are sheltering in place or fleeing to safe havens outside of their country (more than 2 million so far). Thanks to your generous gifts of more than $90,000 to date.

With the current donations, the Outreach Foundation has sent funds to:

  1. The Ukrainian Catholic Church of Lviv which is using the money to assist both Ukrainians fleeing and those staying in the country. The church is purchasing food, medicine, and first aid supplies to assist civilians injured in Ukraine.
  2. The College of Theology and Social Sciences, a seminary in Warsaw, that is housing Ukrainian refugees. Money is being used for food, water, medicine, clothes, etc.
  3. City Church where Ukrainian refugees are being housed both in the church and in the homes of congregation members. Money is being used for food, water, medicine, clothes, etc.

If you would like to learn more and support the efforts of the Outreach Foundation, you can read more on their website.

Please pray. Pray for peace in the country of Ukraine. Our hearts are heavy with the loss and violence. May the Lord place His hand of restoration upon the land. Amen.

Image from ECO Newsletter, 12 Mar 2022