Dear Northern Virginia parents and teens:

We are all called to do our part in creating a thriving community for all families and teens. On March 11, we have an opportunity to engage the pressing issues that damage lives, relationships and our community at the Thriving Family Summit.

The Thriving Family Summit vision started with a tragic drug overdose and death of a local teenager. In response, local church and Fairfax County leaders gathered together to take specific actions to reverse growing teen trends of broken families, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide. These issues impact families of all races, income levels, and religious backgrounds.The Thriving Family Summit is a first step in bringing awareness, resources and hope to engage challenging issues plaguing our community and to equip thriving teens and families.

This is a free community event sponsored by the western Fairfax Church Coalition and One Heart DC in partnership with Fairfax County. The event will be held at the campus of Korean Central and Christ Central Presbyterian Churches in Centreville from 1-9pm and include expert speakers and resources on these issues.

Look for registration and program information in early February!


Thriving Family Summit

Awareness-Resources- Hope

Bringing awareness, resources and hope to equip thriving teens and families by engaging pressing issues in our community-
Family relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Drug Addiction, Social Media Risks


Sponsored by One Heart DC and the Western Fairfax Coalition

in partnership with Fairfax County

Saturday March 11, 1:00 p.m.– 6:00 p.m.

6:00-9:00 p.m.

Korean Central Presbyterian Church

15451 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA