The Bible is the best-selling book in history, but how many people in Northern Virginia are actually reading it?  A Gallup survey reports the average American household has four Bibles. However, research by Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (2008) found that only 16 percent of Americans read the Bible every day.

Centreville Presbyterian Church is hoping to reverse this trend, starting with our own congregation.  Pastor Rob believes that The Story, a Zondervan best-seller, is the right tool to increase Biblical literacy, helping readers understand God’s story from Genesis to Revelation and how their own stories intersect with God’s.  Consisting of 31 chapters of carefully-selected scriptures sequenced in chronological order, The Story presents the Word of God in an engaging format, reading like a novel.  Each chapter is connected with the last so that God’s great deeds and dealings with our world are told in one seamless narrative.

The Story Campaign is a unique program providing curriculum for children, teens and adult growth groups with weekly corresponding sermons.  With thousands of participating churches nationwide, The Story is becoming a movement that is bringing wide-ranging benefits to local churches. Many have reported increased community outreach, increased Biblical literacy, congregational growth and a greater understanding of how God’s story reveals the reasons for the things that happen in our own story.

On February 16 our church will embark on this great journey together to hear, read, learn and share the greatest story ever told!  If have you ever wanted to better understand your Bible, or experience the transforming power of Scripture in your life, you’ll never have a better opportunity.

Watch the bulletin, e-letter and website for additional information.

Jesse Mabango
Associate Pastor
Centreville Presbyterian Church