Survey of the Bible – Bible Study

by Bruce Wilkinson

The Bible is the most revered, respected, and celebrated books of all time. However, some parts are not easily understood with its lengthy genealogies, Levitical laws, and apocalyptic visions. Bruce Wilkinson’s Survey of the Bible was created to help people understand the big picture of God’s word. (New paragraph) Over the eight weeks of this Life Group, we will unlock the secrets to understanding God’s Word with one of the world’s foremost Bible teachers, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. The Life-group sessions will integrate a series of videos through the Right Now Media Web site, link below. Each Life group member will view the videos as homework, and come prepared for discussion questions the following week. (New paragraph) A study workbook will be provided to all members of this group to help facilitate the discussion questions. (New paragraph) We look forward to taking an exciting journey through the bible with each of you. You will leave this eight-week session with a clear understanding of the people, the places, and the periods of the Bible.

Begins October 8 – ends December 3

7:00 pm-8:30 pm

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Facilitator –  Steve Calesaric or Robert Paik

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