Stronger After – Virtual Life Groups (VLG) Series

What is Stronger AfterStronger After is a sermon series based on the Book James.  We are seeking to make our Sunday online worship services especially relevant to our people by asking the question, how could what we are going through now make us stronger as individuals, families and a church?  The Book of James is uniquely focused on this question!  


What are VLG’s: Because of COVID-19, we are initially asking our CPC members to gather in  Virtual LifeGroups (VLG) until we know it’s okay to meet in- person again. We will use the VLG’s as an opportunity to get to know each other, connect as a church family and discuss the Stronger After sermons. 


How are VLG’s formed: CPC will proactively place every active member of the congregation into a VLG. 


When: Series and groups begin Sunday, April 19th – conclude the week of May 24th. (6 weeks)


Our Audacious Goal: We embrace the season of life we find ourselves in by setting and fixing our eyes on the goal that our people come out of “Corona life” more connected to each other and their church family not less!


Role of Leaders: Leaders will personally invite a small group of people, preselected by CPC, to join them in a weekly 1-hour Zoom meeting to discuss the Stronger After sermon series.  Leaders will select a time for their group to meet each week and receive training for the series through Zoom. A weekly Stronger After Discussion Guide will be provided via email and on website. 


Life after COVID-19: Following the series and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, all VLG groups will be invited to celebrate through an in-person dinner.


FAQs for Leaders:


How Can I Prepare? CPC will host 2 leader training sessions using Zoom. Dates for these Sessions are Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 pm and Saturday, April 18th at 10:00am.  During these meetings, we will go over: Tips for leading virtual conversations, the basic content of the Stronger After Series and any questions you may have.  Also: We will be in touch each week to see how the VLG’s have gone, how CPC can continue to support groups, and to capture lessons learned.


What time should my group meet? Leaders will need to schedule with the CPC office a set time each week their group will meet. Because CPC is only able to host a limited number of simultaneous Zoom meetings we will need to work to make sure every group has a time slot that works for them.


How will I find out who is in my group?  Our VLG Leadership Team will have all placements complete and will communicate these to you via email by Thursday, April 16th.


How will invitations work?  We are going to promote and explain VLG’s through worship service announcements, Facebook videos, email and more.  Additionally: 

  1. Pastors Rob and Aaron will also email people individually to let them know they will be receiving an invitation from their leader.  


       2. We then ask that you call or email them personally to invite them to your group.  


What will our discussion be like? We will provide leaders with discussion guides each week via email.  Time will generally be divided up into ⅓ Connecting people, ⅓ Bible reflection, ⅓ Life Application questions.


What if people have technical issues?  CPC will have support ready to work with members individually who would like to help to overcome technological barriers.  We will also have instructions in writing that will go out to all participants.


What will the Stronger After series cover?  We will be working our way through the Book of James.  Although adjustments are likely, as we move through the series our current plan is as follows:


Series Summary:  One of the most audacious sentences in all of scripture opens the book of James, “Consider it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds.”  Can that actually be true?  Even during a Pandemic? Join us for the next six Sundays as we ask that question together. Even better, join a (six-session) Virtual Life Group (VLG) and continue the conversation with others in the CPC family (for one hour each week.)    


April 19th- “Pure Joy?”

Scripture: James 1

Key Idea: Joy in the midst of the trials of life.


April 26th-“Take Action”

Scripture: James 1:19-26; 2:14-26

Key Idea: Faith in Action is faith that will sustain. You have to act on what you believe.


May 3rd-“Its About People”

Scripture: James 1:26-2:13

Key Idea: People (personal relationships and social life) are the laboratory of our faith.


May 10th- Mother’s Day  “Shepherd Well”

Scripture: James 3:1-14

Key Idea: The power of words and wisdom that give life and peace to other people.


May 17th- “Seriously Seek Wisdom”

Scripture: James 4:1-13

Key Idea: We will only experience a new life in Christ as our passions/ heart comes under His control.


May 24th- “Patience”

Scripture: James 4:13-5:6

Key Idea: Possessions will if we let them possess us.  Life trusting in God’s provisions frees us.