March 8, 2020

Brothers & Sisters in Christ;

Session would like to thank everyone who participated in the two Town Halls and those who provided additional input to the proposed CPC bylaw changes regarding the deacons. The questions, comments, and extended conversations with you as a congregation and as individual members revealed our church’s heart for being a body that seeks to serve Christ in the best way possible.

We are pleased to provide an update to the proposed CPC bylaws along with Session’s Care Fund Guidance. These documents reflect several key points provided by you. The proposed bylaws explicitly state that deacons shall be led by an ordained leader to reflect the special nature of the deacon ministry. Session’s approved version of the Care Fund Guidance ensure that deacons remain directly involved in Care Fund decisions, and that decisions are made with significant oversight and transparency. Further, Session will maintain oversight by requiring quarterly reports from the Care Fund Team via the Pastor.

We ask for all members to participate in the upcoming vote on the proposed CPC bylaws at our March 15 Congregational Meeting. We know that this process may seem long, but our Presbyterian tradition is designed such that God’s guidance can be discerned through the members of His body. We are grateful to all of you for helping shape our leadership to be effective in making Christ known.

In His Service,    Your Session


QA from Town Halls on Deacon Ministry Changes

Proposed CPC Bylaws Session Approved on 2020-03-05

Care Fund Guidelines Approved on 2020-03-05