During a time of uncertainty, CPC continues to work through all options as we navigate the ever-changing situations. If you have time and feel led, we ask you to consider a few opportunities:

  • Stop by CPC and prayer walk the property. We have over 20 acres where trash and dead branches can fall.
  • CPC can always use bulbs planted to bloom year after year in the parking lot grass tree mulch beds. Wouldn’t it be nice to have color when we are back worshiping on the property?
  • The building windows on the ground floor could use a cleaning from the outside
  • Clean out our sheds
  • Have an aptitude for lawn equipment that hasn’t worked or been run for a few years? Why not spend some quality time with ours to see what might be usable for someone in the future vs time to pitch
  • Gods’ Garden always needs help with its weeds
  • CPC Prayer Garden needs a good weeding

Let Facility Manager Kristie Vice know if you can assist in any of these areas at facility@cpceco.org. She can get you further direction or assistance. Enjoy this forced time of seclusion. Bless someone, whenever you can.