The Mercy Truck is a plan to respond to the needs of victims of natural disasters or other large crisis situations. CPC will be the collection site for items needed. We will deliver donations to the site during the times of need.

The operation includes consideration of multiple aspects to providing supply assistance in the event of crisis within driving distance of CPC. In order to not be a burden to recovery efforts, the Mercy Truck plan includes coordination with the affected area and minimal burden to the emergency first responders. While we recognize that flexibility will be required for any disaster, the Mercy Truck plan will allow us to “ad lib smarter” for disaster response.

To determine the best and most responsible response, we will connect with distribution partners and emergency responders in times of crisis. CPC is committed to caring for the needs of victims.

Mobilizing for NC victims of Hurricane Matthew

In response to request from North Carolina disaster response team, we are collecting non-perishable food. Please bring donations to CPC lobby by November 27. Read this article for more details.

Interested in being involved?

  • Join the roster of drivers. When the time comes to send a truck load, we need a list of potential drivers.
  • Join the roster of loaders. Sign up to help load the truck with donations.

If you would like to learn more about the Mercy Truck or are ready to join our roster, contact Sharon Hoover (Director of Missions) at

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Responding to Hurricane Disasters

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