Serve alongside CPC family

Paper Product Plus Collection. Next time you go to the grocery store, would you pick-up paper supplies for the Lamb Center (day shelter for the homeless)? They need sturdy paper plates and bowls, plastic cutlery, cold drink mix, 55-gallon, and 13-gallon trash bags, and more. List available at the Connection Center and online. Items are needed by October 31.

Partners in Education.
 Would you be interested in helping needy children in our community? In mid-October we begin our weekly food outreach, Tuesday math morning tutoring, and one-on-one mentoring for London Towne Elementary School. For more info or to sign-up, please contact Sharon Hoover (


Coffee Break for Teachers. We are hosting a Coffee break Monday, November 4 (8-9:30am) at Mountain View High School. Food and attendees needed. More info and Sign up HERE.

Cooking class. At Mountain View High School we have begun a Cooking class. This is a way to once a month get into a classroom, build relationships and make a difference in a student’s life. This project is coordinated by Barbara Plaster. For more information and to get involved, details HERE.

Missions Planning. The 4th Quarter Meeting is Sunday, November 3 (11:30am-1pm) at CPC. Do justice issues or homelessness burden you? Does your heartache for orphans or impoverished villages? Join us to plan CPC’s 2019-2020 missional engagement.

Save the Date: Intergenerational mission team to serve in West Virginia on April 5-9, 2020. All ages welcome! Details coming soon.