Breaking Free From Abuse
August 7, 2016

Breaking Free From Abuse

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Domestic violence can happen against anyone, and anybody can be an abuser. It's a complex issue that affects everyone, even you. We can't change everything about it, but we can do a lot to ensure that domestic violence victims get the support and services they need, and that they know they're not alone."

It is important that everyone has access to the services available to them.

The report provides the information to help organisations work out how best to respond to domestic violence. It also highlights some of the main ways that services can be improved. The report shows that domestic violence can affect women's access to education, employment, financial stability and independence.

For example:

Women are more likely than men to be unemployed

Women are less likely than men to have a workplace pension plan or private pension savings account

Women are more likely than men to be single or living alone

Women are more likely than men to be victims of domestic violence

Women are more likely than men to be victims of non-domestic violence Women are more likely than men to be vulnerable to criminalisation for their victimisation This report is intended to be a starting point for those with a background in research into the causes of violence in the home and its effect on women. The report will encourage both public and private sector agencies, and policy makers in Scotland, to consider what is known about the link between domestic violence and various barriers that women face as they pursue their everyday lives. I will take forward this work to improve services for women.
I hope that the findings of this report will be useful in drawing attention to the problems that women and children face when they live in Scotland and, if it proves helpful, would encourage a greater awareness and action in the areas I have identified. I urge everyone to take this issue on board and, as an evidence base for improving the lives of all women and children, report on their experiences, needs and experiences of violence.

3.3.2 The need for protection of women, children and young people and the need to protect vulnerable groups

According to a domestic violence defense lawyer, it is essential that we ensure that women and children receive the protection needed. Women and children are at particular risk of violence and sexual abuse. For this reason it is important to protect them from the very real risks of abuse. The legislation to protect women, children and young people from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect is a significant and effective tool to combat and prevent violence against women, children and young people. However, we also need to protect vulnerable groups. This includes not only women, but also men and children of all ages and backgrounds. Victims of abuse, both women and men, may fall into a range of different types of vulnerable groups. Some people may be in more need of protection than others. Examples include: Women, their partners, carers and those close to them. These people face the threat of exploitation and abuse from men, children and older people.

Older people, especially women in their later years who may

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