Guidelines for Centreville Presbyterian Church as of December 29, 2021


As we continue this ongoing struggle with the pandemic as a church community, let’s strive to model Christian charity and obedience to love our neighbors. This world has enough opinions and ungodly responses; the church should not add more. Each family in our church must decide for themselves what is best for them.  We will continue to offer both in-person and online worship to serve all.

  • Those not fully vaccinated, including children, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.
  • Anyone fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask while at Centreville Presbyterian Church .  The same holds true for anyone with a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask. 
  • All Leaders will wear masks when in close proximity of children and students to ensure safety of all
  • We will continue to offer Hand sanitizing stations as well as our COVID cleaning protocols 

 We continue to follow the following links to ensure we respond in the most informed ways during this pandemic

Fairfax County Health Department

Any questions or concerns, contact the church office at