Like many of you, we have spent the past few days broken-hearted at the tragic loss of George Floyd’s life and the brokenness that fills our nation today. The video recording of his death has become a moment we who follow Christ cannot and should not shake off easily. We want you to know, church family, that:
We are grieved that racism and brutality persists. We are convicted that it must stop. We are shaken at the riots that have spread across our nation.
And yet, we are hopeful. Hopeful that our God is not yet done with this world, that He will use His Gospel and us His people as instruments of peace. We are grateful for those who protest peacefully for change to come. We are grateful for those who continue to serve and protect us with integrity.
CPC, would you please consider joining us as we pray daily on our knees for our community, our nation, its people, and our leaders?
We have two ways you can respond:
CPC Prays for Our Nation – Join us tomorrow night (Thursday, June 4th) at 7:00 pm over Zoom to pray for our nation. Click here to participate. Meeting ID: 829 2966 3679
“How Can Christians Respond?” Panel Discussion. Join us Wednesday, June 10th at 7:00 pm as CPC leaders and members discuss how Christians can respond to the death of George Floyd. Click here to participate. Meeting ID: 823 1641 8808
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