Post Updated on July 14, 2020

Two Detroit Pastors Talk Racism, Diversity and Black Lives Matter

Tuesday, July 21st @ 7:00pm 

It seems these days that everybody has an opinion about racism in America today, but when was the last time you heard from someone who has sold their house, quit their job and relocated their family in order to bring the Gospel and a new church to people deep in the heart of one of America’s most hurting cities?  We hope you can join us for our next panel discussion on racism and faith as we welcome Brian Evans and Josh Speyers to talk with us about working for Christ in the city of Detroit in an age of unprecedented racial tension. Join staff, Pastor Rob, Pastor Aaron, and Sharon Hoover on Tuesday, July 21 at 7:00 pm on  meeting ID 861 1474 7867.

About our guest speakers:
Josh Speyers
Brian Evans

We are grieved that racism and brutality persists. We are convicted that it must stop. We are shaken at the riots that have spread across our nation. And yet, we are hopeful.

Hopeful that our God is not yet done with this world, that He will use His Gospel and us His people as instruments of peace. We are grateful for those who protest peacefully for change to come. We are grateful for those who continue to serve and protect us with integrity.

Resources. Learning more about racism and racial justice will allow us to engage well in this ongoing conversation. This list of non-fiction books, novels, articles, and podcasts provide valuable insights. Please take time to review the list and then begin to read.

CPC, would you please consider joining us as we pray daily on our knees for our community, our nation, its people, and our leaders?
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