CPC welcomes refugee families to help them get settled into a home and integrated into their new community. This includes shopping for initial emergency needs such as groceries and household goods. Our Resettlement team continues to walk with them as they seek employment, register children for school, connect with medical needs, learn English, etc.

Differences in customs and language can be challenging, but they also offer opportunities to get to know a new culture. The Afghan families are grateful and most gracious to our CPC team members. They are also very motivated to get adjusted to their new lives. Studying for their driver’s license has been one of the first things they do! And right away, they are assisting other newly-arriving Afghan families as they are able.

There is currently a significant delay in the support services available to them. The federal system is overloaded. Our ministry is providing critical support to them, while modeling our walk alongside them as Christian neighbors.

Ways to Help

1 – First, would you pray for our four families? They have lost so much. Homes, life savings, treasured possessions… all gone. They all grieve the lost lives of friends and family.
2 – Transportation remains one of the biggest obstacles to independence. If you or someone you know has a car they are trading in, would you consider donating it for a refugee instead? We will make any necessary repairs and give it a second life!
3 – Employment is another need. If you have a business or work in HR somewhere, would you consider hiring an Afghan refugee? With their SIV immigration status, they received a green card and are ready to work. And, for many of them, their English is good.
4 – Would you join our team? We need people and trucks to help with furniture and moving, additional contact people, English language instructors, and more.
5 – Would you pray for our CPC members who are walking alongside our four Afghan families? If you are interested in learning more about the Refugee ministry, these folks would be happy to talk with you!

Specific Needs (Spring 2022)

Lawn mower (push, gas, or electric)
Vacuum cleaner
If you can donate these items, please email a photo of the item to Carol Wallace (carol.k.wallace@gmail.com). Thank you!


Smart phones
Sewing machines