CPC mission partner, Every Orphan’s Hope, brings the light of Christ to orphans in Zambia, Africa.

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Every Orphan’s Hope ( is an evangelism, discipleship, compassion and equipping ministry committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphans in Africa. Working through the local church they visit, defend, comfort, encourage, care for and pray for orphans. The ministries purpose is fulfilled through acts of love that reveal the gospel of Christ, encourage the church, disciple the nations, and glorify God. EOH provides food, clothing, education, healthcare and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the “least of these.”

To accomplish their mission, EOH builds duplex-style homes in AIDS-affected communities. Orphans and widows then build new lives together as a family. Guided by a “Mama,” orphans are raised to life in Christ in the community where they are known and are surrounded by their peers. EOH currently has eleven homes with 88 children. Secondly, EOH also hosts the Camp Hope ministry. The weeklong camp provides meals, biblical teaching, community, and abundant love to 200-300 orphans.

Visit the Every Orphan’s Hope website to sponsor an orphan, buy chicks for their sustainable chicken business, serve on a mission team, and learn more about EOH.

Staff and children from Every Orphan’s Hope testify at CPC, 5/12/13

Bricks and Chicks 2011 Fundraiser

Founder of EOH’s  Message at CPC

2020 Zambia Mission Team

Would you pray about joining our team to partner with EOH in Zambia (approximate dates August 1-14, 2020) We have the privilege to come alongside EOH and local Zambian churches to care for a generation of children for His glory. Jesus is their hope – but He needs our heart and hands!

Our team will stay in a guest house in Lusaka while we visit with the 90+ children in EOH’s care in Lusaka and Chongwe. We will also work closely with the Zambian EOH staff and learn more about the needs of the children and the ministry. Specific details for the projects will follow shortly.

We would love to have you on our team.

Click HERE for more information for the team.Questions? Contact Director of Missions Sharon Hoover (

Register by completing the above registration form, including the $100 deposit. Deposit can be completed online HERE. Enjoy the videos below to learn more about CPC’s partnership with this life transforming ministry!


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January 17, 2012


By Sharon Hoover

To be quite truthful, the HIV/AIDS global crisis  impacted me minimally.   My interaction included reading an article in the Post or online; and then praying for the victims and for the medical staff caring for them.  Unable to put some articles down, I learned of the pain and shame that accompany diagnosis.  The subsequent drug regiments and failing health take its toll on even the most physically fit.  I felt informed.     I knew some developing nations suffered with the AIDS disease.  I rested knowing that some organizations were reaching out to them.

Last fall I prayed with  fervor that the Lord will give our teens a heart for what breaks His heart.  I longed to see them passionately reach out with the saving knowledge of Christ and the loving hand of friendship to those lost in darkness.  Guarding against hypocrisy, I prayed the same for myself.  In hindsight, may I recommend not praying something if you are not ready to embrace the unexpected??

The Lord broke my heart for the orphaned children in Zambia.  Nearly a quarter of all children in the sub-Saran nation have lost one or both parents due to AIDS.  One in five 15-49 year olds suffer with the disease.  Infected adults are unable to work.  They have no money to buy food or pay school fees for the children.  Three out of four Zambian children live below the poverty line.  The government lacks a tax base.  Economic woes abound.  I felt called to serve on CPC’s first team to Zambia.

CPC’s partnership with Every Orphan’s Hope (EOH) offers a ray of light in Zambia.  Working with local officials and churches, EOH reaches out to the orphans.  Among other things, our CPC team will help run Camp Hope in August.  About 300 children will come together to eat three meals each day, to play in a safe place, and to hear the gospel message.  Camp Hope allows the local churches to get to know the children and their needs better.  Some live in abusive homes, some on the streets, some in abandoned buildings.  As they are able, EOH places the children in the “My Father’s House” homes.  A special offering during all worship services will be collected on Sunday May 23 to help our team serve in Zambia.  We have all committed personal funds and received support from extended family and friends.  Nevertheless, additional funds are needed.  I, along with the rest of our team, would be deeply honored by every donations given.


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May 16, 2010