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God's Garden Sprouting

Interested in cultivating God’s love outside our church walls? Want to help grow food for impoverished neighbors in our community? Always wanted to learn to grow vegetables organically? Come reap God’s wonderful bounty with our garden project! We recently started working with a great company, which is also taking care of our lawn, check it out!

The garden is moving into it’s fourth season. We welcome everyone interested in helping the garden flourish, we have recently gotten some equipment to take care of our trees, we are very excited to start making this garden look amazing. Serving in the garden offers flexible hours and a multi-generational experience. As we harvest, we donate all the vegetables to local food pantries and homeless shelters. Join us to make a difference through gardening!

Contact Sebastian Wilbern (sebsaccount@gmail.com) with questions and to sign-up.

Peas Squash Cabbage

“The Lord has really blessed us through CPC and we’ve been dreaming of ways to give back. We learned more about the London Towne Weekend Food Program and The Lamb Center and felt moved to feed people more nutritious meals. We live in the London Towne community and don’t have the space to garden. But we live within walking distance of the church and it seemed a perfect fit to really bring this church to be more eco-friendly.
     “We learn so much from the Old + New Testaments about the importance of the Earth in our lives and how we treat it as a reflection of who we are. Jesus teaches us to do good works and let our labors be for God’s praises, not selfish motives.
     “This idea is so much more than just a garden to feed others, but also a place for service and sanctuary for reflection.”                                                                    ~Sebastian and Michelle

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June 15, 2016