Central Asia

CPC is committed to the teaching of God’s Word. Many people, however, do not have the Bible in their language. CPC’s newest mission partners, Silas and Zoe, are working among such a people in Central Asia. Furthermore, this people group is among the many who have only an oral tradition. 

Silas and Zoe have helped create an alphabet and have begun developing a written language. They are now translating the Bible into their language. Amazing. The work is complicated and labor-intensive. In addition, the non-Christian religious climate in the country makes this work dangerous. And, Silas and Zoe are raising four young children (5, 4, 2 year-olds and a newborn).

Please pray for the Lord to open doors for additional helpers with this linguistic work, for health for the family, and for the gospel to be heard by many!

For more information about Silas and Zoe’s work, visit The Antioch Partners website.


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August 9, 2023