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CANA Marcia MontenegroWe support Marcia Montenegro and her growing ministry, Christian Answers for the New Age. The CANA website and facebook page are frequently visited sites for truth and answers to topics of today’s culture. Marcia is a frequent guest at conferences and on radio shows.

As a former professional astrologer, Marcia was deeply involved in paranormal New Age practices. Compelled by the intense love of Jesus, she gave up occult practices and turned to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Because of Marcia’s background, she understands the appeal and dangers of the paranormal and now lectures on these topics around the country and on the radio.

CANA logoCANA is a ministry responding to alternative religions: to inform and educate others about New Age and occult beliefs; to respond to those involved in New Age/ occult/ Eastern belief systems with the love and truth of Christ (I Peter 3:15-16); and to serve as a resource on aspects of New Age/ occult thinking and practices such as astrology, psychic powers, meditation, witchcraft/ Wicca, alternative healing, magick, etc.

CANA SpellboundMarcia’s book, Spellbound, is an excellent resource to learn to recognize the occult in our culture. One reviewer of the book wrote, “As a child and family counselor, I found this book to be very helpful in discerning the influences that children and teens are exposed to on a regular basis. This book would help parents and those who work with youth to protect them in practical ways. The guidelines offered are realistic and can be sensibly implemented. This is a fantastic easy read and I would highly recommend it.”


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February 4, 2014