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car donations

CPC Stewardship Ministry is accepting donated vehicles and will match your tax deductible donations with those in need. The Car Donation Program is making a profound difference in peoples’ lives!

Recently CPC has been blessed with the seventh donation of a vehicle. It was transferred to a homeless couple who will use it to get to work and as a place to live in warmer weather.

For many folks the upturn in the economy hasn’t improved their circumstances. They are in desperate need of transportation so they can get and hold a job or, for some, a car is a place to live.

If you are thinking of buying a new car or know someone who is, please consider donating your older vehicle to CPC. Giving your car to us helps someone improve their life and as a side benefit, allows you to claim up to the full Blue Book value as a tax deduction.

For more information about car donations, contact Brian Swanson at


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February 12, 2012