Prayer request from Session-

As Pastor Rob Bromhead announced last week, we crossed a milestone on Nov 14th when the National Capital Presbytery voted to formally dismiss us from the PC-USA to ECO. The last step in our process is to finalize our separation agreement with the NCP. As we all should know, God frequently has plans for us that we don’t anticipate.

After navigating through a series of terms – and term sheets – over the last few months, we received the first draft of the actual agreement from NCP.  As you probably recall, the agreement includes a payment from us of $950,000 over the next seven years towards designed PCUSA missions.   To our surprise, they included a lump sum payment option in the draft agreement. This lump sum payment option is only $833,000.  A savings of $117k.

At this past week’s Session meeting, we agreed to enter into a two-week season of prayer to determine if and how to leverage this new option. 

We would like you to join us in prayer during this same period of time as we seek God’s will with regards to this alternative.

In Chapter 20 of 2nd Chronicles, Jehoshaphat is seeking guidance before defeating Moab and Ammon.   What did he do?

Verse 4: “The people came together to seek help from the Lord”

Verse 12: “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you”

The Session encourages you to read 2 Chronicles, chapter 20. We believe that you, like us, will be inspired by the power of prayer in seeking God’s will.During this time, we will also be exploring a number of options as it relates to this new lump sum payment opportunity. Remember, this payment will still support His work thru PC USA missions. 

Pray that God’s will continues to be done as it relates to our transition to ECO.  And that he opens our hearts and minds – and doors – that may allow us to pursue this lump sum payment option.  We’ll certainly keep you posted on where He directs us to go.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Session of CPC