Prince William County Schools and Fairfax County Schools called it early!  Since there will be no school tomorrow, we will cancel Fun Friday on January 5th.   Sad… I bet there would be a few parents willing to brave the freezing cold to get their stir-crazy kids out of the house for the evening.  Here is how to have a “make your own” Fun Friday at home.

1.Find some bouncy balls and set up mini- dodgeball in your kitchen.  (20 min)

2. Play a random ice-breaker game.  (plenty of ice outside!) (20 min)

3. Talk to your kids about Jesus- keep it simple, funny and bonus points if you can incorporate a funny video (Skit Guys on Youtube), science experiment, or story about your own faith journey.  Do this while feeding your kids Oreos.  (10 min)

4.  Find a flashlight and hide the pieces around your house.  Proceed to play freeze tag as they frantically search and try to assemble the parts.  When they shine the light on you… they win. (This is called GROG and while it might not make much sense, it is wildly fun for kids.)  Bonus points if you can make dinner or bake a cake while doing this. Extra bonus points if you run around a bit and count it towards your daily exercise.  It’s too cold to go outside anyway.

See you guys next month!  Stay warm!