Our caring ministries exist to make Jesus known to others and help them flourish by being present as the Body of Christ, offering prayer and encouragement, and sharing physical resources.


Are you in need of prayer for yourself or your loved ones?  We have a team of people who will pray for your requests.


Are you at a turning point in life, such as childbirth, hospitalization, or the death of a loved one, or are you going through a transition like moving in or out of the area? Email us to get connected with a deacon.

Feeling disconnected from everyone around you and from God? Having trouble coping with a loss, facing a medical diagnosis, or mending a broken relationship?  Trained Stephen Ministers can walk with you through such difficulties for extended periods. Contact Lauren Mowbray through the church office at 703-830-0098.


Are you new to the Centreville area and feeling overwhelmed?  Have you recently been in an accident, or had surgery?  We can help! Call our office at 703-830-0098 or email us at info@cpceco.org.

Are you having trouble covering rent, grocery bills, and utility costs?  We partner with WFCM in Fairfax County and SERVE in Prince William County.


CPC seeks to support the flourishing of the whole person, including mental health.  We do this by offering …

  • Referrals to licensed counselors who are Christians or who expressly provide Christian counseling.
  • HOPE for Mental Health, a support group designed to provide a welcoming, confidential, supportive, and Christ-centered environment for those who are dealing with mental health challenges of various kinds. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, give and receive comfort and encouragement, and learn how faith and reliance on God can instill hope.

For more information, contact the church office.