Little Pieces podcast

What is your story? It matters. Every story matters.

On the Little Pieces podcast, we explore the grand narrative of God’s work through each guest’s story. With the abilities and passions given by the Lord, we make a difference in people’s lives. Little Pieces offers a moment to pause and to hear the thoughts and reflections of fellow Christ-followers.

With the podcast, we want to share about God’s work in and through His people. As we hear one another’s stories, we hope to encourage believers and not yet believers. We all have a place in the story of God’s redemptive work on our planet. Every little piece matters.

The podcast centers on three questions:

1) When and how did you first come to know Jesus?
2) Share a time when God most dramatically worked through you.
3) How have you seen God at work lately?
Listen to the 15-ish minute episodes of people sharing their stories of living the life of faith. Join James Hammond and Sharon Hoover for fun and engaging conversations!

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