LifeGroup Leadership

We are looking for people who are willing to lead a study called Living Generously that will go along with Fall Sermon Series. This is a video based curriculum will challenge our LifeGroup community to examine their own hearts as they think about giving God the best of all of they have to offer with their time, treasures, talents, & testimonies.

If you are looking for other potential ideas that you would like to tie into your passion or interest we use an amazing resource called Right Now Media that has hundreds of LifeGroup curriculum series available for us to use. Check out Right Now Media to check out all these amazing LifeGroup resources at If you aren’t a member of Right Now let me know, I will get you signed up and connected. Or if you need idea of what type of LifeGroup that would be good for you to lead let me know at Chris@Centrevillepres,com.