Welcome to Lent.

This Christian season of life, not all that different than the Christmas season or the our Easter celebrations, is a time to stop and rest in our own need for Jesus.  Through prayer, reflections, readings and more we purposefully examine ourselves giving special attention to our limits.


Why would we do such a thing you might ask?  Do we really need to think more about our weakness and our sin? The surprise of Lent is that we do this inward looking with Jesus in view the whole time, the one who guarantees for us complete healing of all our brokenness.  We walk through Lent in the knowledge that Easter awaits. Like Christians for centuries we do this in the hope that we will arrive ever more peaceful because for just a few days in March we saw ourselves and Jesus with complete clarity and having done so begun to rest completely in what God has done for us, and is doing in us in this life.


We hope you will find the following prayer calendar a helpful guide along the way.
May the peace and Grace of God be yours this Lenten season!

Pastor Aaron McMillan 

Special Thanks to Jenni Aiello,  Prayer Ministry Coordinator