Have you got the gift of gab? Like to bake? Interested in helping to serve as part of our kitchen team? Check out our many opportunities to serve!

COFFEE TEAM After worship socialize, then Coffee Clean Up.  SIGN UP HERE

Sharon Hoover 25th Anniversary with CPC. Sharon Hoover is preaching about her 25 years here at CPC on 09/29, then we are having a reception afterward. If you might want to help, check out the SIGN UP HERE

GROWTH PATHWAY 101 (NEW MEMBERS LUNCHEON) This event happens Saturday, October 5. If you are interested in assisting to host this event by picking up an order from Chickfila, then coming by to meet the new members and get to know them, let me know. The time frame involved is pick up food by 11 am, then plan to be at CPC for an hour or so. info@cpceco.org

ECO– CPC will be hosting the ECO gathering on October 25 and 26. We will be recruiting folks soon to assist in this event with a dinner on Friday night, breakfast and a coffee break on the 26th. Mark your calendars.

BAKING TEAM– When we visited Cobleskill church last winter, we learned of a neat way of doing food for the coffee hour. They put this out to the congregation and regularly had folks sign up for great baked goods and fruit each Sunday. Why don’t we try this to see how it goes over?!? Please do not feel obligated to do this. I am putting it out to the congregation to see if we get any interest.  SIGN UP HERE

GREETING and USHERING– Want to explore what these once a month service opporunities are all about? Contact Sheila or Kim at   info@cpceco.org