When do we go back to two Worship Services?

Worshiping at CPC

In August 2018 session made the decision that we would go back to two services when we reached a threshold of 300 people on a Sunday  for at least 6 consecutive Sundays.

We currently can seat 400 filling every chair we own and only average about 250 each Sunday.  Last Sunday prior the congregational meeting we hit 305 (children are not apart of this count) . The trend is great!  We pray you feel led to attend with friends, family and neighbors to hear the word of God and participate in the life of the church.



  1. Kimberly says

    Andrea- We appreciate your comments and would like the opportunity to meet you on Sunday. I am out by the connection center in the lobby each week.

  2. Andrea says

    As a visitor I like the opportunity to have early service options but it has been nice getting to know and see the entire congregation at one time. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you are getting into with a Church when you only worship with half the congregation. We will continue to visit CPC.

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