Instead of preparing to go and serve alongside our global mission partners, we are exchanging emails and connecting online. We know our long-time relationships with the Ericksons and the Iglesia Del Camino staff in Guatemala and the staff and children of Every Orphan’s Hope in Zambia will survive the global pandemic. But we are all feeling the loss of the precious time we had planned to be together this summer.

The countries and communities where our global partners serve are also facing tremendous physical and financial needs. New hardships are gripping already impoverished neighborhoods. Similar to the US, shelter-in-place orders prevent wage earners from working. Our partners are stretching their resources to meet the increasing needs.

Pastor Chhetri from Nepal told me, “We are in a lockdown situation these days and today (April 21) is the 29th day of lockdown. By the grace of God there is no death report in Nepal until today. But many are affected and hospitalized. Many are going hungry due to no food in Nepal.

The situation is the same in community after community after community.

How Can We Help?

Let’s surround our global partners with abundant greetings and encouragement! Read through their websites to learn about them, then choose one or two ministries and get engaged with their work.

Hussain and Sarah Andaryas (Afghan ministry)

Pastor Philemon Chhetri (New Life Mission, Nepal)

Todd and Maureen Erickson (Iglesia Del Camino, Guatemala)

Every Orphan’s Hope (Zambia)

Austin and Sinte House (Farthest Corners, Myanmar)

International Justice Mission (global)

How Can We Engage?

  1. Sign-up for the missionary’s electronic newsletter
  2. Follow their social media accounts and comment on their postings, letting them know we are listening
  3. Download their pictures to use as reminders to prayer every day
  4. Each ministry has special relief fund requests that you can participate in

Passports, please

Then, when we are able to go, consider joining a team to serve side-by-side with our global friends. Right now it’s hard to imagine getting on a plane, but the time will come. And when that time arrives, it will be a glorious family reunion as we join in their work to make the name of Jesus known throughout the ends of the earth!