Game Night for CPC Families!

September 17.       6:00 to 8:30 in the lobby of CPC .

School has begun, so let’s have some fun with games, food and conversation together.
How it works
Everyone brings a few games to share.  Then we decide as a group which games to play.  We can have multiple games going at different tables.  Bring whatever kind of game you want.  So far some of the hits have been poetry for neanderthals, throw throw burrito, translations, and You’ve got Crabs.  But feel free to bring anything you like.
We also usually take up a collection and order pizza from pizza hut for those interested.
It would be great if some folks could volunteer to bring some drinks, chips, or other snacks to share.  Also, I will need a count of how many people are interested in pizza at all.  Generally, we will order cheese, pepperoni, and supreme.
Child Care
I will arrange to have child care providers present, but we take up a collection for those that need child care to pay them.  Child care is available for children below 6th grade.  I need to know ahead of time how many kids so we can get the appropriate number of sitters.
What you need to do now
If you are interested in attending please reply directly to me with the following information:
If you can make it:
* how many non-children are coming and will play games
* how many children will need child care and their ages
* If you want pizza, or not.
 Need more information? Contact Brad Pool –