FRESH START (FS) Update 0728

It is so exciting to share with you what projects are in process:

  1. Session and the Strategic Planning Team have come together to appoint a team to approve the plan and expenses.
    • The Fresh Start (FS) Approval team includes the following members:
      • Mike Kershner – Elder/Strategic Planning Chairman
      • Todd Martin – Elder/Clerk of Session
      • Bill Smith- Elder/Operations Board
      • Kim Gilbert- CPC Staff
    • Session has approved the following guidelines for the consideration of approval of FS projects and financial needs-
      • The Strategic Planning Fresh Start Team will review all Requests to determine the applicability to initiatives that fulfill our vision statement “We are Ignited-Active-Growing disciples of Jesus Christ in NOVA ” specifically filtered to include only those requests that directly apply to CPC’s Strategic Plan Objective 1, Outreach and Initial Connections and Objective 5, Mission and Evangelism, in Northern Virginia and including the next two years.
      • Requests that align with these objectives will then be evaluated as to their ability to meet an immediate need, make an immediate impact, or support long-term needs of the Strategic Plan.
      • Decision approvals for all requests will not exceed the available Fresh Start funds currently in the bank. Designated requests are intentionally allocated to allow for completion of design studies and planning which will serve as the basis for effectively estimating total costs to fully fund and to implement the requests.
      • The Team recognizes that construction and facility improvement projects represent efforts that will require dedicated, experienced leadership to effectively coordinate, oversee, and integrate planning and implementation across CPC for multiple design efforts that will occur simultaneously, will likely have interdependencies and to ensure these projects move forward toward successful completion. The Strategic Planning and Fresh Start teams will  provide funding allocations and expects that all plans will be reviewed, coordinated, finalized, and managed by the appropriate CPC  leadership (Facility Manager and the CPC Operations Board/Finance Committee, closely coordinating with the Strategic Planning Team, and together reporting to Session) using an integrated, efficient, and accountable process.
  2. Many of the staff offices have moved to accommodate the changes about to happen. Walk the office area to see the changes already taken place.
  3. Painting of the building is about to begin. Review the paint schedule.  All murals in the Sunday School rooms have been returned to the artist. The current nursery is being modified to be a High school classroom.
  4. The Worship Center re-design includes a fresh coat of paint and sound baffling technology. With that being said, we have met with the artist of the paintings currently hung in the Worship Center and they will lovingly be returned to her after over 7 years of use.

More information to come next week.