So you found a “joy” rock and curiosity brought you here.

What’s the deal with the rocks?

First– It’s fun to share joy.  Sometimes, we find great joy when we find something we weren’t even looking for.  Sometimes, when we find joy unexpectedly, we go looking for more!  Sometimes the little things, are part of the plan to lead us to something much bigger. Joy is in the journey!
Second – Even a simple rock can spread the Good News and Great Joy that God has an incredible plan for each one of us.  Consider this an invitation to try something new this Christmas.  There is more joy to be found…we are excited to share it at our Family Christmas Service at 5pm.

Third – We hope this little piece of joy is something you want to share. Take a picture of your “joy” and share it on Facebook at “CPCkids Rocks!”  We hope the joy continues to spread to others.  Go share it with others!

Look for rocks Joy rocks wherever you are. Want to place some in your community? Stop by CPC and pick up a few. Joy will truly spread throughout our community this holiday season!  Curious still? Contact Hilary Kinitz at to learn more.
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