LifeGroups accomplish a simple but important purpose — to grow disciples of Jesus Christ!

God created us to live in relationship with others, to grow in Christian maturity and to spread the gospel.  Only then can we experience His full grace in our lives. Sharing life through the community is one of our main strategies in accomplishing this and a way to experience deep, meaningful relationships.

Choose a LifeGroup that interests you!  Each LifeGroup will have the components of prayer, bible study, fellowship/accountability, and service.  Centreville Presbyterian offers 2 styles of LifeGroups:

Community LifeGroups– This is a group that prays together, breaks bread together, studies the previous weeks’ sermon and serves the community.

Study LifeGroups – This is a group that meets to study through various bible studies, Rightnow media teachings,  women’s book club, men’s and women’s groups.

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