Would you be interested in helping with a virtual English Class?

In mid-October we will begin the 2020-21 English classes for parents of London Towne Elementary School. Last year’s parents have been calling the school to ask if we are coming back. Yes, indeed! Let’s get ready. 

This year’s class will be on Tuesdays (7:30-8:30pm). We will use Zoom. Later in the year, we hope to transition to in-person, but this depends on the county’s Covid restrictions. 

Online teaching and class structure will be different than last year’s classes held at LTES. We are working out details with our curriculum publisher to get access to their online resources. We will also be reaching out to educators in our congregation for best practices for virtual instruction.

More details are in this Zoom recording of the Interest Meeting. The video includes our Zoom plans, best practices for virtual teaching, and internet resources (ebook, news, movies). There are many options!

From Director of Missions Sharon Hoover: “This is new for all of us. You can see on the video that I am not smooth with my transitions to videos and screen-sharing!” Contact Sharon (sharon@cpceco.org) to sign up or to learn more.