We are preparing baskets for children at the SERVE homeless shelter and New Hope Fellowship. Would you be able to join us as we share the good news of Christ’s resurrection with children in our community?

We need candy, toys, and more! We also need the colorful comics from the Sunday newspaper for shredding to make “grass”.

Dates and details for the 2019 collection are coming soon. We will need donations a couple weeks before Easter. We will assemble the baskets and deliver them to the children before Easter.

Two Collections

We have two types of local collections this year: One for our partner New Hope Fellowship and the one for our partner SERVE.

Easter Project: SERVE Shelter

We will assemble Easter baskets children in the Head Start program of SERVE ministry. Please note that we need items for younger children, ages 0-4 years old.

Needed items for the SERVE children include: soft candy, little stuffed animals (no beads/button eyes) small blocks, rattles, soft balls, small hard page books, activity books, coloring books, little cars/trucks, large washable crayons, small containers of bubbles, stickers, and anything musical.

Easter Project: New Hope Fellowship

We will assemble 20-25 baskets for the children (ages 1-12 years old) of New Hope Fellowship. Large bags of individually-wrapped Easter candy, hard candy, lollipops, chocolate bunnies, snack-size candy bars, healthy packaged snacks are all warmly welcomed for the baskets. Please note: No peanuts or candies with peanut butter.

Small toy items help to round out the joy of the baskets. Little stuffed animals, little cars, silly putty, bouncy balls, small reading books, decorative pencils and erasers, small containers of bubbles or play dough, stickers (paper or foam), brain teaser puzzles, glow sticks, coloring books, activity books, crayons, package of large balloons, punch balls (found in balloon section) or anything else you find also goes well in a great basket for offerings! **This would be a great project for a Growth Group to under take. 🙂

COMING SOON: Download the suggested list of items for both collections are here: [Easter Baskets Flyer]

Or you can pick up a list at the Connection Center in the church lobby. 

All donations are greatly appreciated to help the children mark Easter as a NEW beginning.

Questions? Contact Sharen Downer or Director of Missions Sharon Hoover if you have any questions.