October 1   We Need All Members to Vote


In November 2014, the Session entered the Presbytery’s process by which a church can request to leave the PC(USA).  Recently, two major events have occurred concerning this, which we wish to briefly share with you.  First, the Session has received authorization from the Presbytery’s Leadership Council to hold the meeting at which the congregation can officially vote to request dismissal.  October 1, 2017 after the 10:00AM worship service is the date of this meeting, so please save the date on your calendars!  This meeting has a quorum requirement of 60% of our active membership, and we have been informed that contrary to previous statements, absentee balloting will not be permitted, so we need every active member to attend it.

Second, the Presbyterian denomination which we wish to join upon being dismissed from the PC(USA) – A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, aka “ECO” – has accepted both the congregation’s application to join and Pastor Rob’s application to transfer his ordination, both contingent upon the Presbytery voting to approve our request to leave.  If God is gracious, the Presbytery’s vote will happen on November 14, 2017, which will allow us to start 2018 out of the PC(USA) and in ECO. More about ECO here.

If you have any questions , elders will be available after the worship service  after the next seven worship services; please bring your questions to the Library (room 101).  Also, we have an FAQ information sheet available on the church’s website, and out in the Connection Center.

Again, your presence at the October 1, 2017 meeting is very important to the future direction of this church, so please attend!  Thank you.