It’s been months in the making and now it’s finally here – CPC’s new App! With the Church Center App, almost everything we need for church life will now be in one convenient place, making it easier than ever to stay connected and engaged.

We understand that transitioning to new technology can be a bit daunting. Many of us been accustomed to systems like Realm, or perhaps even just searching through old emails looking for information on the Weekly e-letters. We’re excited to announce that the Church Center App is not just a replacement for Realm, but an upgrade, bringing a host of features designed to streamline our communications and enhance our overall church experience. As we embark on this journey together, we encourage everyone to be patient during the transition. Learning a new system takes time, and we’re committed to providing resources and support to ensure a smooth shift.

What can you look forward to with Church Center? 


• Simplified Communication: Receive all important announcements, messages, and updates in one place with streamlined communication for a clutter-free experience.

• Easy Event Management: Easily browse and RSVP for church events directly from the app. Access event details, schedules, and locations with a simple tap.

• Sermon Access Anytime, Anywhere: Quickly link to the livestream, find our current series information, and sermon notes. Catch up on missed messages at your convenience with access to a library of past sermons, notes, and study guides for spiritual growth and reflection.

• Intuitive Navigation: Enjoy a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and a clean design. Access all features with just a few taps, making the app accessible for users of all ages.

• User-Friendly Profile Management: Update your personal information in your profile, and your entire household, with ease. Ensure that your contact details and preferences are always up-to-date. Registration for events become a breeze when your profile is already set up with your information.


• Interactive Church Directory*: Easily find and connect with fellow members through the app’s interactive directory. Access contact information and build stronger connections within the church community. (*Directory is accessible by Invitation Only)

• Efficient Volunteer Coordination: We often use Sign-up Genius, but soon all volunteer coordination can take place within the App. You will stay informed about your upcoming volunteer commitments with timely notifications.

• Real-Time Push Notifications: Receive instant updates on important announcements, events, and messages. Stay connected in real-time with the latest information from the church community.

Remember, the purpose of the Church Center App is about enhancing our connection, simplifying processes, and creating a more vibrant church experience for everyone. To help us start strong, on November 19th, stick around after services and find our volunteers in the Lobby to help you get set up. Stay tuned for more tutorials, tips, and exciting features as we make this transition together!

Ready to get started? 

Click here to Download or View Instructions Below in PDF Format

1) Open your mobile phone’s Camera App & Scan the QR code. Or go to

2) Depending on your mobile device, click the App Store or Google Play button.

3) Download the App and Open.

4) Input your mobile number and it will text a code for verification.

5) Follow the remaining steps for set up, and explore the icons at the bottom. Click the top right circle icon to setup your profile details. (Profile info isn’t public, but helps make sign-ups easier)

Note: Directory feature is pending. You must receive an invitation from CPC for access (Invites coming soon!)

Church Center FAQs 

Click here to Download or View FAQs in PDF Format

1) What is Church Center?

Church Center is the name of the congregation-facing app where church members can find quicklinks to explore, engage, and connect with CPC throughout the week. CPC is transitioning away from Realm and Sunday links on Linktree, and will utilize this new church management platform going forward.

2) Why is CPC moving to Church Center, and in what ways can I use Church Center?

Church Center is a user-friendly app, and we hope to accomplish more centralized communication and achieve better engagement of our regular attenders by using it. Overall, it’s a more efficient church management system, allowing users to manage profile information, submit forms, and quickly register for events and life groups, among many other options. More features, such as personalized calendars and notifications, become available as you participate and get connected to groups and activities.

3) How can I be sure my information is secure in the Church Directory?

Only approved members who have received an invitation email and have been verified by our administrators can access the Church Directory information. Individuals have complete control over what information they choose to share with the directory and what they wish to keep private.

4) What if I don’t have a smart phone, or choose not to download the App?

Church Center can be viewed in a web browser, giving access to the same information found on the App. (Only a few features are exclusive to the App). Visit and choose Log In. Click “Use an email address instead” under the Next button, to receive a verification passcode by email. You can access event registrations by scanning an event’s QR code or typing its short link. They typically start with “

5) Which phone number do I use when I first try to enter the App?

Use the mobile number you are using the App with. A verification code will be sent immediately for access.

6) The App recognized my number and multiple profiles appeared. Which profile do I choose?

Select any profile. Contact us and we can help resolve profile duplicates.

7) What if I forget my Church Center password?

Church Center utilizes passcodes, not passwords. Use your mobile number or email address to receive a verification passcode to log in. At anytime you may update your profile to connect your preferred email and mobile number to your profile. CPC’s office cannot reset your login for you, but we can help update your contact information if you are having trouble receiving the passcode. Please contact us to help you with this.

8) Do I need to log out of Church Center App regularly?

This should not be necessary. Your profile information is not viewable to the public. If you are concerned about security on the app, please choose “Require Touch ID (or passcode) to use the App” when setting up.

9) I need help installing and understanding how to navigate the App.

We’d love to help! Meet with us in the lobby on Nov 19th when we first launch the App. Ask anyone on our Welcome Team, stop by the office during office hours, or email us anytime at