Our Policies


As a church we are concerned for the mental, emotional and physical safety of every child and youth that attends Centreville Presbyterian Church. We make every effort to ensure our programs are safe and secure by strictly adhering to our Safe Church Policy that offers many levels of protection.

Staff and volunteer personnel working with children and youth are screened extensively through personal interviews, written applications submitted with references, and security background checks. Everyone working with children and youth at CPC undergoes annual training on the Safe Church Policy.

All events, whether on or off church grounds are individually analyzed to be sure there is a correct child/adult ratio. Security monitors patrol large events making sure the facility is secure and that children and youth are adequately monitored at all times. Our goal at CPC is to provide safe fun for all.


We’re not able to care for sick children in the nursery or other classrooms. If your child is unwell, please care for them at home. If your child becomes unwell while in our care, we will contact you immediately.

Pick Up

Please pick up your child in a timely manner after the end of services, as most of our teachers have children to pick up themselves. We cannot release children to siblings or other adults without prior parental consent.