Treasure Hunt #1

  •     Copy & paste coordinates into Google Maps & press start: 38.829640,-77.481626
  •     Travel to location & proceed on foot per Google maps directions
  •     Once there, scan the area for the hidden treasure box (see picture of treasure box!).  HINT: Look for stacked rocks
  •     Enjoy the treasure!

Treasure Hunt #2

  • Copy & Paste into Google Maps:  38.824834,-77.503805  (Hint: Manassas Battlefield Stone Bridge)
  • Video with hints from Jill plus see pics below!
  • Looked for these stacked rocks off to your left shortly after getting on path. Tree Trunk!

    After getting your new clue, keep your eye out for a arrow made from tree bark.







Treasure Hunt #3 (Last One!)

  • Copy and paste Parking Coordinates into your phone 38.836113,-77.467060  (This is a quiet cul-de-sac area to park)
  • Treasure Coordinates 38.837862,-77.464881
  • 15 min walk with closed toed shoes (on paved trail until making a right onto dirt trail) HINT: Once by creek area, LOOK UP!