CPC Church family,

We are well into this new world with familiar terminology “social distancing”, COVID-19, “new normal”, “virtual church”, face masks and so many more. In that light, we thought you might be interested in what is going on at CPC. Here are a few areas:

Operations Board

    • CPC applied for the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program for our staff which we expect would convert to a grant
    • CPC  worked with our building mortgage company to defer our mortgage payment for 3 months with no penalties or fees
    • With Ad Fontes Academy unable to meet at CPC, the Operations Board has forgiven their monthly rent for the two remaining months of the current school year. We will be in conversation about the Fall, once we have more information.
    • Fresh Start and Capital Fund renovations of CPC not in progress have been put on hold and will be re-evaluated at a later time.
    • The CPC building continues to be closed and a skeleton staff is present for mission outreach deliveries, for worship service “filming” activities, and essential administrative needs to continue operations as a virtual church.
    • CPC Personnel  implemented the following plan to reduce expenditures during this “new normal”:
      • Reduced the number of hours for building cleaning and maintenance for the immediate future (no staff on the property Saturday or Sunday).
      • The Children’s Ministry Admin position will not be filled until after COVID. (Elizabeth Luffy was retiring May 31, and Elizabeth graciously  accelerated her retirement to April 19)
      • Both Social Media and the Co-Pastor Admin positions as proposed will not be filled in 2020
      • All staff have a revised COVID Job description for the immediate future
      • The Personnel Team will continue working closely with the CPC Operations Board and Finance Team to assess and implement as necessary further adjustments to the CPC staffing posture based on available funds and to meet evolving new needs to support our virtual and future ministry.


    • Weekly video interaction and content for CPCKids ministry, Student Ministry as well as VLG developed for adults
    • Research and developing content a “new way” for CPCKids and their parents
    • Hired a temporary Videographer to assist with “filming” to pre-recording Sunday worship Services
    • Worship Team musicians have begun to build “pre-recorded”  music segments for our virtual worship
    • Worship Design Team is moving ahead contacting  potential vendors to acquire the equipment needed to do LIVE STREAMING of Worship Services (the process could take 6-8 weeks)
    • Staff is strategically reaching out to stay in touch with the whole congregation one call, text, and email at a time
    • Deacons continue to check in on their Flocks each month
    • We are most grateful during this “new normal” for the wonderful prayer and financial support of the congregation and for creative planning by our staff and ministry teams to carefully limit expenses to essential needs.  Through these blessings, we are continuing to meet our local and global mission commitments.
      • Delivered Easter baskets to a family shelter and to New Hope Fellowship
      • Assisted Mountain View High School with a combination of Walmart and Giant gift cards for students unable to make ends meet
      • Reached out to parents in the English Classes at London Towne Elementary School to offer continued conversation via email
      • Collected gift cards for the LTES school counselors to hand out to families in need
      • Provided 50 boxed lunches from Moe’s Restaurant (Chantilly) for Easter lunch for New Hope Fellowship
      • Provided 70 snack bags for New Hope Fellowship (partner congregation mostly comprised of homeless & formerly homeless families)
      • Provided hotel-sized toiletries to New Hope Fellowship
      • Provided 60 boxed lunches from Moe’s Restaurant for lunch at the Lamb Center
      • Provided grab-and-go veggies, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs for the Lamb Center
      • Purchased and delivered 10 tents to be distributed by the staff at the Lamb Center
      • Purchased $400 of most-needed items for Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
      • Started tilling and preparing God’s Garden to plant vegetables for the new growing season
      • Began the Spring Food Drive early (underway now – bin out front of CPC for all donations)
      • Adapted the summer Backpack collection for increased need
      • Contacted global mission partners to encourage and affirm our ongoing support

We will continue to keep you updated!  Know that we are praying for you, our church, the community, and the world.  The CPC building may be physically closed, but we are still very much alive and active taking the blessings of Jesus Christ forward — now as a virtual church for the immediate future, and then as the “new normal” evolve so that our Sunday worship services when they can resume will further reach out to more through the application of  LIVE STREAMING technology!


Rob, Aaron, & Staff