Worshiping with Children – how to not just “get through” the service!

  • Allow children to bring a favorite stuffed animal – their them their job is to “teach” their friend how to behave in church!
  • Choose your seat wisely – either sit near the front so your child can see, or near an exit in case you need to leave quickly
  • Teach your child about the different parts of the worship service – explain special events ahead of time, and answer questions in a whisper. Point out words in a hymn and ask them to read the words they know.
  • Avoid water fountain visits before worship, and make bathroom stops before worship to avoid the “potty parade.”
  • Remember that Sunday morning starts Saturday night! To help relieve the typical “Sunday morning strife” lay out clothes the night before, and plan what you will have for breakfast.  And check your own attitude…if you come to worship prepared to encounter Christ, your approach will be contagious.
  • Affirm your children – catch them being good! Compliment good behavior, and be consistent.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hilary Kinitz our cpckids director.