CPCKids love grow go

Our mission at CPCKids is to equip, empower, and encourage parents and leaders to help children love God, grow in Christ, and go in Christ. CPCKids love, grow, and go in Christ!



CPCKids is built on six core values:

Child Focused: Our programs at CPC are designed to be developmentally and spiritually appropriate for your child. Lessons, music and fellowship times are creative, age-appropriate and fun!

Huge Fun: All children learn best when engaged in fun, dynamic activities. It is also how children develop positive relationships with peers and adults. We understand this intrinsic “fun” need and design our programs with it as a core element.

Relevant: Our aim is to show children how Jesus is relevant today by helping them apply God’s truth in their own lives. By answering the question “so what?” we are making the Bible a living tool children can use on a daily basis.

Intentional: We are intentional about building relationships and sharing Jesus with each child, individually and in small groups. We aim to show God’s love each week through caring, personal example.

: Our commitment to child safety is hugely important. We have established numerous measures to protect each child at CPC. Parents and children should feel confident of the safety and security of our programs. For more detailed information, please see our policies.

Teaching the Bible Creatively: Our teaching is solidly Bible-based using a wide variety of creative methods that capture children’s attention and appeal to their imagination. This approach enables God’s Word to come alive to our children.



Questions? Email Jill Rumple Director of Children’s Ministry