Grief ShareGriefShare is a place where you can be around people who understand the pain of your loss. At GriefShare you will learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time. Whether your grief is recent or a long-time ago, GriefShare can help.  Grief Share is a DVD seminar series featuring some of the nation’s foremost experts on bereavement and loss topics. The video presentation is followed by a group discussion time. Topics include “Living with Grief”, “Your Family and Grief,” “Stuck in Grief”, and “God’s Prescription for Grief”. Check out the GriefShare website, to learn more about this wonderful program.

Real Testimonies:

“Grief Share was one of the most helpful ‘tools’ that got me through the worst part of ‘my storm’ after we suddenly lost our 16 year old son in a tragic accident” -a young mother

“Although I felt alone when I started my journey of grief, being a part of GriefShare allowed me to see that I was not alone and that the things I was feeling were a normal part of the grief process-without having to speak a word.” -a young mother on the loss of her husband

“GriefShare’s comprehensive, professionally structure program was the cornerstone I needed to overcome and deal with my grief. There is something to be learned for anyone grieving from a loss, whether recently or in the past.” -a middle aged man on the loss of his wife