February 13, 2020

Dear CPC Family,

On behalf of the Co-Pastor Search Committee, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to members of our CPC family for your acceptance of the Reverend Aaron McMillan to be Co-Pastor here at CPC. The vote by the congregation for Aaron was unanimous, and the warm welcome extended to Aaron and his wife Amy, was a great start to what we pray will be Aaron’s long tenure with CPC.

The enthusiastic acceptance of Aaron was truly awe-inspiring. In the weeks and months ahead, as Aaron begins to settle into his new role and the novelty of a new pastor comes to pass, there will be a natural tendency by some within the church to do what we often do, and that is to compare Pastor Aaron with Pastor Rob. While it is understood why this happens, we as a church family need to resist this tendency knowing that there is no one that can fill the shoes of Pastor Rob, and the 35-years of his ministry where he has so faithfully and lovingly cared for God’s church and so many members of our CPC family.

I ask that looking ahead that we as a church family come to meet Pastor Aaron where he is  and come alongside him and his family as they make this significant adjustment to transition to CPC. Let us not focus on personalities, new or old, but rather on what God has in store for CPC. Recognizing and appreciating that we are being blessed by Aaron, his love of Christ and his new ministry at CPC, as we continue to honor and support Pastor Rob as he looks to the future and what God has in store for him and his ministry in the near term and beyond CPC.

In His Name,

Anthony “Tony” Polizzi

Co-Pastor Search Team Chairman