The Moderator of East Central Presbytery (ECP) has advised us of a very severe situation among one of our ECO churches due to COVID 19.  The Christian Arabic Church (CAC) in Richmond VA, has over 60 of their covenant partners in 18 families who have tested positive.  This includes Pastor Fakhri Yacoub’s wife and family. Many of the members are in entry level jobs and hurting financially because they can’t work.  Additionally, the church has lost 80% of its income, creating a dire situation for the church.

The Presbytery has called for prayers for our brothers and sisters in the church for swift healing and restoration so they may return to work.  The ECP has also set up an assistance fund to support the church and its covenant partners in this time of medical and financial crisis. Our Session endorses this need and the communication of this special giving effort to our CPC family.  Session through our Care Fund has sent a donation for their immediate use.

Submit your additional financial gifts toThe team at Third Presbyterian Church. They will figure out how best to support the church and its covenant partners and Fakhri’s own family in this time of medical and financial crisis.  The mailing address for Third Church is 600 Forest Ave. Richmond, Va. 23229.  Make sure to mark “for CAC Assistance Fund” and let them know what church this is from (or individual within a church).

Donations can also be made online at

Some of you may remember our brief relationship with the CAC earlier this year when Pastor Fakhri Yacoub advised us of a Northern Virginia ministry to Arab students that needed a location to hold Bible studies and worship. Discussions with Pastor Rob and the Session resulted in that ministry, called 24/7 Ministry, hosting a praise & worship night for all Arabic speaking Christian groups and churches in our region at CPC on Wednesday, January 22nd of this year.  Although additional services were planned for this year, they were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.  The Session remains in contact with the ministry in hopes they may resume those meetings when conditions permit.

For more information, check out their website at