C.S. Lewis Seminar. How did an atheist become the best selling Christian author of the last 200 years? Pastor Paul will be teaching a 3-week class beginning April 24th on Sunday mornings in Room 201 from 9:30-10:30am. The nursery open at that time. If you have older children who need care, or have any questions, please email Paul (paul@cpceco.org).

Crisis Response: Ukraine. Thank you for your questions and concerns for the people of Ukraine. We are coordinating with our ECO denomination for the best way to care for the growing needs. Our CPC website includes a regularly-updated list of needs and prayer requests.

Serving Opportunities.  1) Western Fairfax Christian Ministries needs volunteers for the food pantry. They are looking for baggers, stockers, and warehouse helpers. Details on the WFCM website. 2) WFCM also needs egg cartons to re-package bulk eggs into smaller containers and empty water bottles to be used for laundry detergent. Take them directly to WFCM in Chantilly or bring to CPC. 3) The Lamb Center (Fairfax day shelter for homeless men and women) is seeking weekly volunteers and substitutes for the kitchen and the laundry space. For more details, email barbdelisa@thelambcenter.org.

Bible App. Find CPC on the Bible App by YouVersion under “Events” every Sunday to follow along the Sermon outline.  Creating an account allows you to Save your own notes and access them anytime. Click here to go directly to this Sunday’s Sermon Notes.

Invite a friend to join us for the next Sermon Series beginning April 25th. Does prayer really change things?  Why hasn’t faith helped my anxiety?  How could a good God create a world where so many bad things happen?… We all have questions.  Big ones. Usually they just get pushed to the side in the face of more pressing concerns. But they don’t go away, do they?  For the next five weeks at CPC we’re going to tackle some important questions head-on.  It will be deep, interesting and oh so helpful.