Words from Rob

God’s Beloved at CPC,

Here is what several first-time visitors wrote about their experience this past Sunday during our launch of the Alpha series:

A “spiritual but not religious affiliation” guest wrote this:

First time here.  Maybe God was directing me to come.”

Another guest, self-identified as “undecided” spiritually, wrote:

 “Have been listening and ‘attending’ CPC online for a while now.”

A Young adult back at CPC after being in youth ministry years ago indicated to me how much he valued the information he received the first Sunday and would definitely make this a priority.

We’re very thankful for how God equipped us to prepare for and begin our Alpha series.  Praise our God for guests who came! Praise our God for the ways we can ALL be refreshed in the foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ.  Even if we’ve been walking with Jesus for many years or decades, we can newly remember the goodness of our God in saving and redeeming us.  We can pray for those sitting next to and near to us…that each would come to personally know their belovedness in Christ.

Now that you have “tasted” an Alpha morning, we’re asking you to again pray about whom you can invite.

This coming Sunday, February 17th, Pastor Connie will teach on the topic, “Who is Jesus?”

  • Did Jesus really exist in history?
  • What did Jesus claim about himself?
  • What evidence is there to support his claims?

We’ll re-visit the same C.S. Lewis citation Pastor Rob quoted this past Sunday: “Jesus was a fraud, utterly deluded, or who he said he was ~ the Son of God.”

Will you help us share the best news the world could ever know?

Yours in Christ,