What is Alpha?

We believe everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. Our next session of Alpha begins in September 2019. Keep an eye on the website or send us an email ( and we can send you a notice once a date is secured to begin!

What does Alpha include?

Every Alpha session has three key elements: food, a talk and a discussion.

Why Alpha? Everyone is Searching


Is Alpha Some New Fad or Trend?

Why should I try Alpha?



Who is Alpha For?  ANYONE….searching, questioning, believing…EVERYONE





Alpha Week 2

Alpha Week 2

Words from Rob God’s Beloved at CPC, Here is what several first-time visitors wrote about their experience this past Sunday during our launch of the Alpha series: A “spiritual but not religious affiliation” guest wrote this: “First time here.  Maybe God was directing...


Thoughts from a long time Church Member

A few thoughts on Alpha from a long time church member, Steve Bender.....   Back in the early 1980s, the business world transitioned from Lawyers, Executives, and Technical staff either dictating or writing out in longhand their work product and giving it to...

Alpha Week 2

Next Steps for Sunday Morning

Dear CPC Family, If you were able to be with us this past Sunday, you heard me teach about six different evangelism styles: The Direct Style (Peter) The Intellectual Style (Paul) The Testimonial Style (Blind Man) The Interpersonal Style (Matthew) The Invitational...