Join us this Advent, starting Sunday, November 29th, by reading through the entire Gospel of Luke, one chapter a day. You’ve heard stories of Jesus and his interactions with people on the Fringe as told by the disciple Luke this fall. Now let’s go back to the beginning of Luke’s gospel and follow Jesus from birth to the cross to resurrection. Better yet, let’s do it together! Just open your CPC Advent Journal, follow the reading plan and the instructions. We’ll have weekly updates and encouragement every Monday all December long via an electronic newsletter. Download the 2020 ADVENT READING CALENDAR.

Advent Week 1_ Luke 1-8 Summary


CPC Advent 2020 Week 2- Luke 8-14 Summary


Advent Week 3 Luke 15-21


Merry Christmas CPC Family!
We’ve made it to the week of Christmas and.. the last few chapters in our Advent readings.  Hopefully, like us, you’ve experienced a bit more peace and joy as you’ve read through the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.  This week’s reading comes from Luke 22- 24 and Matthew 1. Click below for a devotion from these readings you can use or watch this short video for an overview.

Each day set aside 15 minutes to do the following:

  • Pray. Take a deep breath. Ask God to be with you and help illuminate what you need to see in today’s passage.
  • Read. One simple way to get more out of reading the Bible is to think UP, IN & OUT while you read.
    • UP – what is this showing me about God?
    • IN – what is this saying to me? – how am I going to live this out?
  • Journal. Write down the day’s date, what in the passage you felt God leading you to remember in the days ahead or share with someone else today. Write down anything you want to be prayerful about today.

Weekly Readings

Join us as we Journey with Jesus this Advent by reading the entire story of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Each day we’ll read one chapter of Luke. Each week watch your email for a look at the week ahead:

Week 1

November 29 read Chapter 1
November 30 read Chapter 2
December 1 read Chapter 3
December 2 read Chapter 4
December 3 read Chapter 5
December 4 read Chapter 6
December 5 read. Chapter 7

Week 2
December 6 read Chapter 8
December 7 read Chapter 9
December 8 read Chapter 10
December 9 read Chapter 11
December 10 read Chapter 12
December 11 read Chapter 13
December 12 read Chapter 14

Week 3
December 13 read Chapter 15
December 14 read Chapter 16
December 15 read Chapter 17
December 16 read Chapter 18
December 17 read Chapter 19
December 18 read Chapter 20
December 19 read Chapter 21

Week 4 – Christmas Week
December 20  read   Chapter 22
December 21  read   Chapter 23
December 22  read   Chapter 24
December 23  read   Matthew 1:1-7
December 24 read Matthew 1:18-25

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